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♥ karen ü

i'm the KAREN with the SMILE ;) at the end. ;)

I love to explore the world and create new ideas, inspire people, and try to make the most out of things. I try to find happiness in life especially when things start to get miserable, stressful, or just plain boring. I love the art of life. Art is my passion. I love to draw ever since I was a little girl. My passion for it never fades and just grows into something wonderful each and everyday. It helped me a lot in my design career and hopefully it will forever. ♥ ü

I also have interest in baking and Italian cooking. ;> I tend to experiment sometimes in creating a dish that I'd love to eat! ;D Haha ;))

I also love adventures! ;D Going to different places and doing new or interesting and fun stuff really makes my day! ;D I love to be with nature through hiking, river trekking, and hopefully will try some extreme sports someday. ;D hehehe ;p ;)


♥ PLURK ;)
31 March 14
8 July 13
29 April 13
13 April 13
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UP DHARMA DOWN | OO (by Ra Rivera) | Music Video


April 7 at 1:55am 

LSS for about a week now. Haha #fbwallpost #atemarie #memories #myx ;)

19 March 13
12 March 13

Call Me Maybe! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYA!_mpeg2video.mpg | Music Video (by Alayne Lexie San Pedro) 18 June 2012


I suddenly remembered this video Alayne, Ija and I made for Haya’s birthday last year! HAHA :)) I miss!! Venue: UST grounds Hahahaha! :)) Sorry for the full bangs. That was my style. Haha! :)) I miss you friends!! Let’s bond soooon!! ♥ Loveyouboth! ;)

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh
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