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♥ karen ü

i'm the KAREN with the SMILE ;) at the end. ;)

I love to explore the world and create new ideas, inspire people, and try to make the most out of things. I try to find happiness in life especially when things start to get miserable, stressful, or just plain boring. I love the art of life. Art is my passion. I love to draw ever since I was a little girl. My passion for it never fades and just grows into something wonderful each and everyday. It helped me a lot in my design career and hopefully it will forever. ♥ ü

I also have interest in baking and Italian cooking. ;> I tend to experiment sometimes in creating a dish that I'd love to eat! ;D Haha ;))

I also love adventures! ;D Going to different places and doing new or interesting and fun stuff really makes my day! ;D I love to be with nature through hiking, river trekking, and hopefully will try some extreme sports someday. ;D hehehe ;p ;)


♥ PLURK ;)
13 April 13



23 December 12

12.23.2012 1:16am

Coldplay | Fix You | Music Video

If only I have the power to teleport myself to the other part of the world at this moment in time. :( I know that things happen for a reason, and for two consecutive nights, two of the most special people in my life.. it’s just sad. :’( Please help them to cope up in this kind of situation and I believe that everything will be alright and there’s still more to life, another time, ‘cause this might not be the best time in His plans. There’s still one more chance, one more time to change the situation. *It’s not the end of the world.* There could be reasons why these things happen and it could lead to a better life. This year could be the most challenging part of college and we should never give up. :) *I’m never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down..* I believe that numbers should not be the basis of success, even though it is part of the recording system. Things might not go the way we planned or simply the way we wanted them to be, but we should believe that everything will be alright. >:)< All is well and I love my friends no matter what. I can’t wait ti see them! ♥ ;)

Time to sleep now. It’s been a long day spent to buy and try out Kinect Xbox 360 with mommy and kuya, plus ate Carmie and Tim! Tomorrow, it’s their turn to have one also. Haha! Thanks Kae! :D I only got less than two hours of sleep last morning from the buffet breakfast with my college friends. We started at around 7 or 8pm, I think, and ended just a while ago. Lot and lotsss of pics and vids to be posted, still! In Facebook and in Instagram. Thanks again Arkitrato! :D Let us continue to support our organization and it’s Captured! photo contests! :D I think I weigh like the Karen ;) back in high school, after losing 4 pounds. :)) Joke! :P This will be a long sleep tonight! Good night friends! >:D< Live life to the fullest and don’t let anything ruin your lives! :D Think of happy thoughts and believe! This applies to all and I believe that if hardwork doesn’t pay off, things can still go the way how we want them to be at the right time. ♥ Philippines could be the next Ms. Universe! Janine Tugonon did her best as well. We should remember to enjoy life and yo keep it balanced. I know He has great plans for us. :) Good night! ;)

4 October 12

Déjà Vu? I’m getting used to it. #happiness ;)


Next week! After submissions and finals. Oh yeah! :D It’s gonna be worth it! :>

<3 <3 <3! ;)

30 April 12

04.26.2012 Rachel & Gio’s Graduation Party @ Celebrity Sports Plaza


CONGRATS COUS!!! »:D« and to your brother Gio! Haha :D
I am so proud of you! :) You really deserve everything! You have great values and they cannot take that away from you whatever they do. You graduated with integrity, indeed! :D At magna ka pa rin para sa aming lahat. ♥ you! ;*

Also, this album includes pictures of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Shoes ♥ in the making Haha :P
Someday, we will travel together around the world. :)

Special thanks to:
Sketch Up. Haha! :P

She bangs! Can’t wait pagbalik mo! Haha :D Our plans! I did some research; will talk to you when you get back! ;)

19 April 12

Dust in the Wind (by Eteclea E)

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2 April 12


This is so cool! What a coincidence! :D Haha! :))

Can you spot the difference? Haha! :)) Ngayon ko lang nalaman, may uniform pala tayo HAHAHA! :))

April 13, 2011 & April 2, 2012! ♥ :))
— with Rachel and Gela. ;)
Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh
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