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♥ karen ü

i'm the KAREN with the SMILE ;) at the end. ;)

I love to explore the world and create new ideas, inspire people, and try to make the most out of things. I try to find happiness in life especially when things start to get miserable, stressful, or just plain boring. I love the art of life. Art is my passion. I love to draw ever since I was a little girl. My passion for it never fades and just grows into something wonderful each and everyday. It helped me a lot in my design career and hopefully it will forever. ♥ ü

I also have interest in baking and Italian cooking. ;> I tend to experiment sometimes in creating a dish that I'd love to eat! ;D Haha ;))

I also love adventures! ;D Going to different places and doing new or interesting and fun stuff really makes my day! ;D I love to be with nature through hiking, river trekking, and hopefully will try some extreme sports someday. ;D hehehe ;p ;)


♥ PLURK ;)
28 May 13



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22 April 13
The harder you fall, the higher you bounce. ;)
— Bo Sanchez am04222013
26 March 13
15 March 13
Amoy pizza na hininga at pawis mo hehe
— @KaeLeonardo :))
28 December 12
One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea,
never regains its original dimension.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes ;) 
14 November 12
Life is good. “Its not the years that you have in your life, but the life that you have lived in those years.” ;)
12 July 12

Keep calm and carry on. Breathe. Calm down. ;)



Your past does not define your future.

Keep it fair and clear before doing an action or a choice even if it is an act of having the initiative in the situation.

Control yourself.

Every one is equal.
Each of us is unique in our own different ways from everyone else. Respect others as how you want to be respected.
Treat others in a way that won’t offend anyone, not necessarily the one you are talking to specifically.
Maybe for you, it is okay, but for others it may not be.
Put your feet on the ground.
Everyone is equal.

Inform the people involved or the ones who are part of taking an action in the matter. Keep things clear and explain the plan of action.

Most importantly, use the right words. CHOICE OF WORDS, please.
AND, be mindful not only of the words that you use, but also, be mindful of the THOUGHT that you MEAN.

Do not generalize people. It should be done not only in the vertical ladder, but also in the same floor.

Misunderstandings. Absurd. Misinterpretations. Pride, keep it down. Remain humble. Maintain having the optimistic perspective in life.

Live. Love. Laugh. Pray. Draw. Hope. Be happy, smile. :)

Good night and sweet dreams friends. See you tomorrow morning. That added to the relief. Breathe. God bless. ;)

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh
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