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♥ karen ü

i'm the KAREN with the SMILE ;) at the end. ;)

I love to explore the world and create new ideas, inspire people, and try to make the most out of things. I try to find happiness in life especially when things start to get miserable, stressful, or just plain boring. I love the art of life. Art is my passion. I love to draw ever since I was a little girl. My passion for it never fades and just grows into something wonderful each and everyday. It helped me a lot in my design career and hopefully it will forever. ♥ ü

I also have interest in baking and Italian cooking. ;> I tend to experiment sometimes in creating a dish that I'd love to eat! ;D Haha ;))

I also love adventures! ;D Going to different places and doing new or interesting and fun stuff really makes my day! ;D I love to be with nature through hiking, river trekking, and hopefully will try some extreme sports someday. ;D hehehe ;p ;)


♥ PLURK ;)
21 June 13

What goes around comes around. What goes up must come down.. #LSS Sometimes being too nice makes you unaware of the fact that some people just don’t know how to atleast say sorry. In different situations—love, life, properties, and career. All is well. ;)


All day, all night.
5:40am - 9:05pm

#wechat #viber #SMS #fbmessenger #fb #chat #call #texttextdinpagmaytime #butinakapagpalinispaakongkuko Haha

Let’s not forget to pray before we go to sleep while thinking about how some people can manage to sleep at night.

Good night and sweet dreams. ;)

10 June 13

Try doing this in Facebook! ;) | First summer outing to the beach with my girls! ;)


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Haha Just a quick flashback! #sentisunday #GGs #KGR #girls #campers #summer2013 #2013

P.S. My wounds are still aching. Ang hapdi nila. Finalizing pictures to be posted from yesterday’s with my girls! ;) #summer #outing #batangas #dinner #eastwood #slappycakes #floppyjoes #flappyjacks Hahaha! Thank God it didn’t rain. “Maaraw na!” “suka” “now these are my fingernails, the beauty is in the details” “just give me a reason” “guess the title or artist of the song from phone” “beep once” “ascending” ” “where are we going?” “shark” “mabatungkay” “balsa” “snorkeling” “sigay” “VTU UTV VTI” “Rowena’s” “ispattan” “traffic” “biogesic” “HULK hands” “nailart” “van” “mcdo” “roadtrip” “flowercrown” “CLAIRES!!!” “KevChel” “RaVEn” “rashguard” “arc” “koreans” “jetski” “paddleboat” “hindi kita malilimutan” :))) “do you know where we’re going to—-basement parking” “photography” “colorfu floating umbrellas” “eastwood” “Slappy Cakes” “pancakes” “KGR heart swirl mickey mouse” “badminton” “serve” “spatula wars” #firstoutingtothebeachwithmygirlseverrr Hahaha! FINALLY! :D #daytrip ;)

26 May 12
25 December 11
Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh
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